Our beef comes mainly from old fashioned breeds that give great flavour. It is hung in the fridge to air dry for at least 21 days which allows the meat to mature and develop excellent flavour and texture. We can butcher to your specification, providing some of the more unusual, old fashioned or continental cuts for you.


Chicken has become the cheap staple amongst meats because the birds will tolerate intensive living conditions. The meat they give can be tasteless and often has no texture. The free range birds we sell have time to scratch about in the field, whilst growing up strong and giving meat that has real flavour and texture. Free range birds use far more feed than their intensively raised counterparts and take a lot longer to mature. This is why free range chicken is so much more expensive. We believe that it is worth this price for the quality of life for the birds, and the quality of the meat they give.


Our lamb comes from local suppliers, and is hung in the fridge and air dried for 7 days to mature and give you fully rounded taste and texture.


Our free range pigs are raised on local farms. The piglets stay with their mothers until the sows are ready to wean them. They are free to rootle in the ground make mud wallows and generally behave as pigs want to. Their meat is tasty and toothsome with no soft ooze when you cook it.

Ready Meals, Pies & Sausage Rolls

We make all our own ready meals on site using the same meat that we sell over the counter.  They’re frozen in tin trays, so best not defrost them in the microwave.  Get them out in the morning before you go to work then when you come home, half an hour in the oven, and dinner's ready.

Our pies and sausage rolls are the ideal take away lunch.  Top quality pastry casings filled with lots of meat and a little gravy to moisten.  We’re fussy eaters, and we like them.  The pies are great served as a fuss free meal with veg and potatoes.

Sausages, Burgers & Bacon

All our sausages and burgers are hand made on site with fresh ingredients.  We have a good range of sausages available all the time, they are meaty, flavoursome and cook well.  We can make up special batches just for you according to your taste,(minimum order 5kg).  You can have them gluten free, spicier, or less spicy, or made to a recipe you found in the back of an old book.

Our bacon is often darker than the bacon you buy in the supermarket, especially the smoked bacon, but that's because it is dry cured and has been smoked using real smoke.  You can pop in in the morning and pick up a couple of slices for breakfast, or come in and buy lots to take away with you on holiday.

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